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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Where do you go to make up the losses?

As I was writing the post about my book a few minutes ago I thought about what an owner of a title company can do to make up the lost revenue we've all seen in the a last few years. I told people in that discussion about how I'm starting a new division of the Strategic Marketing Group - "The New Media Doctor" 

(www.NewMediaDoctor.com) to broaden my target market and increase my revenue. Title Marketing That Works started in 2005 and I did pretty well for the 2006-mid 2008 period. But since then as you probably haven't seen those levels again and I haven't either.

In early 2008 I started to again market to local companies as a general marketing consultant. I met with the same issues and frustrations I met with the years before; one of the reasons I started Title Marketing That Works. Also, I really do enjoy working with the people in the title industry.

I tried to get on the social media trend early. As a marketing practitioner and part-time college professor I need to stay current in my knowledge. For the last 3 years I have been spending a lot of time in this segment, both in my company's marketing and in seminars and coaching other companies.

I January I attended the Glazer-Kennedy Outrageous Marketing Workshop. While I left on Saturday night and missed Sunday's speakers, I did buy the audio cd's of the event. One of the first CD's I listened to from Sunday's presentations was Mike Koenigs, an expert in using video to improve your ranking on search engines with video. I listened to the CD about four times including sitting down and listening and taking notes. I signed up for Traffic Geyser, a tool you need in this process and watched all of the videos and learned everything I could. I've already worked with a couple of companies on this process and used it in my own businesses with good success.

With these two marketing tools in mind I created the New Media Doctor (I had the photos of me in the doctor coat taken at the Outrageous Marketing Workshop). This is one of my strategies to increase revenue for my company.

What are you doing to increase revenues? Have you expanded in the title market or gone into other businesses? Dan Kennedy says - "The riches are in the niches". Have you found your niche?

To learn more about Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, my two marketing mentors visit - www.freegiftfrom.com/cripley.

Any thoughts on my new business? I won't be done with the web site until tomorrow night (5/26) but I welcome you feedback on it.
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
I'm launching a new division of my company this month. The New Media Doctor will help companies with their social media and video marketing. We will work with all types of companies in the metro Washington, DC area.

I've seen a big change in the marketing world and marketing media in the last five years. The ability of a company to use inexpensive, easy to use tools to market their company has exploded. While we've used email marketing for at least 10 years now, the last five years have seen social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter really bring new approaches to marketing. Wide availability of high speed Internet service facilitated the growth of YouTube and online video in general. The next wave will be mobile marketing, as companies vie to bring their content to our cell phones and smart phones.

While there are almost 500 million Facebook users and millions of Facebook business Pages, there are still many business owners and operators who don't understand how to use effectively Facebook to market the business. We will help you with everything you need to have an effective, revenue generating Facebook Page. The New Media Doctor will help cure your Facebook marketing ills. We can:

  • Set up a Facebook Page for your Business
  • Create Home Page for your Facebook Page
  • Help Create Content and manage your Page
We will also help you set up Linkedin acounts for all of your employees and teach trhem how to use Linkedin. If Twitter is where you want to be (great for retail and other impulse businesses) we can help you there too.

Online video is exploding as a tool to use online. What is more popular - books or TV? People are 7 times more apt to choose a video versus a static Web site when searching on Google. If you depend on Google to provide you with leads you must have video on your Web site or landing page. We have developed a unique process to assure higher placement on Google. We will help you create simple 1-2 minute videos marketing your business that will send you to the top results on any Google search including local searches.

Over the next few weeks you will be learning more about this new division of the Strategic Marketing Group. Stay tuned...
Thursday, April 22, 2010

I just got back from the National Association of Independent Land Title Agents (NAILTA) and I thought I would put together a recap of the event.

The Trump Marina hosted this years NAILTA convention. The hotel is about 25 years old and shows its age a bit. The rooms are clean and other than the strong smoke smell from the gaming halls it’s a great place to have the conference from an exhibitor’s point of view. You can park near the hotel and easily carry your collateral to the room without difficulty.

The audio on these recordings is a little rough.

I can honestly say all of the speakers were very good. While I always want to learn more about the industry, I think everyone would agree these events can sometimes be used as a cure for long-term insomnia.

Regina Lowrie's keynote brought me up-to-date on the current state of the mortgage industry, the financial engine that drives our industry. She’s deeply connected to the politics of our industry. While I don’t always agree with her, her knowledge is unquestioned.

Harvey and Michael Pollack gave us an in-depth discussion of the income and expense structure of a profitable title company and gave many ways to honestly increase your revenue. I'm going to see if they will allow me to post their presentation so you can see it. One of the big questions they discuss is how much you should spend on marketing. I’ll post the excerpt from my book on this topic in the next couple of weeks.

One of the highlights of the day was Rob Holman's discussion of the current legal environment of the title industry and why we need to have NAILTA. I've recorded almost all of Rob's presentation and I'm sharing it in this blog. If this doesn’t convince an independent land title agent to join NAILTA I don't know what will. All of my clients are independent agents. The survival of the independent title company is critical to the success of the business I enjoy. I'm going to work to help educate agents about this organization. You should consider joining NAILTA and also consider volunteering to help it grow.

The other highlight for me was Adam Leitman Bailey's presentation. While he focused on the new HUD-1, the piece particularly interested me (and should interest you too), was the provision lenders must include up to three estimates of closing costs from three different title companies in their good faith estimate. I’m going to develop a campaign for title companies to use to market to lenders asking them for the chance to be one of the three companies. I even discussed with Adam the concept of actually guaranteeing a lender you would always be within the 10% rule on a deal you were given the opportunity to be one of the three companies. This would help the lender feel more comfortable with their estimates and give you a foot in the door of working with the lender. This is what competition is about.

The final presentation included a Fraud and Risk Management session where agents could also get CE’s. There were some great title stories. I learned I need to stick to marketing, as I don’t want to be responsible for all of that money and with a daughter at the University of Michigan on out-of-state tuition I don’t have the $440,000 to cough up if someone does an electronic transfer from my escrow account to their bank in Nigeria. One of the tools title companies need to prevent this from happening is called “Rynoh” www.rynoh.com. If I were you I’d have Rynow.

And I didn’t forget to stop at the White House Sub Shop before I left Atlantic City. I saw Joe Frazier there once.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Originally submitted at Staples

Prints up to 35 ppm (mfr specs) Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution for 1200 Image Quality Duty cycle up to 50,000 pages/month Approx. 6.5 seconds to first page Duplexing Network ready Cable NOT included Small-workgroup network printing with paper-saving duplex

Toner Hog

By Marketing Guy from Waldorf, MD on 4/4/2010


2out of 5

Pros: Sharp detail

Cons: Too much toner used

Best Uses: Everyday documents

Describe Yourself: Heavy Duty User

Primary use: Business

This printer is a toner hog. And at $135 a cart I returned it for the $50 credit and bought the Brother 5370dn. I've used the Brother 5250dn for years with good results (I run a marketing business and I may print 1000 page a week).

While the copies were very good on the Lexmark, the cost of the toner makes the Brother (longer cart life and 3rd party carts available) a MUCH better choice.


Thursday, March 11, 2010
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Thursday, March 04, 2010
Here's an excerpt from my upcoming book "The Essential Title Company Marketing Guide". It will be released in June.

Marketing to Individual Consumers

I think it would be good for me to discuss another timely topic in marketing title companies – marketing to individual consumers.

We’ve seen many companies market to homebuyers and sellers. One of the points of contact in marketing to individual consumers is Google search. These companies either use Google pay-per-click or search engine optimization (SEO) to be on the top of the list when a home buyer searches “title companies in Waldorf, MD” to get information about title companies in the area so they can choose a title company to do their settlement. They may also advertise on home sales web sites and run banner ads on similar sites.

While this is a good strategy, I’m just not sure this is where a traditional title company wants to start their marketing efforts. If you can say you’ve got every real estate agent and mortgage lender possible in your target market and you need to continue to grow, this may be one market to try to exploit.

I’ll tell you right away that this market will be much harder. While the legal environment may be trying to get more buyers to choose their own title company, the reality of the situation is most lenders and real estate agents are involved in the decision. Consumer marketing is much tougher. You will need to develop a separate strategic and tactical marketing plan. Start with the surveys. Good luck!
Thursday, February 11, 2010
We've added two more Title Marketing Boot Camp's:

1. Dallas Texas - April 28th 10am-5pm - Dallas Sheraton - 400 Olive St.

2. Ann Arbor, MI - May 13th 10am-5pm - Holiday Inn Express - 600 Briarwood Circle

Boot Camp attendees have really enjoyed these sessions. In Orlando we got great reviews and ended up with a great recording of the whole day.