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Go Sox!
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Where do you go to make up the losses?

As I was writing the post about my book a few minutes ago I thought about what an owner of a title company can do to make up the lost revenue we've all seen in the a last few years. I told people in that discussion about how I'm starting a new division of the Strategic Marketing Group - "The New Media Doctor" 

(www.NewMediaDoctor.com) to broaden my target market and increase my revenue. Title Marketing That Works started in 2005 and I did pretty well for the 2006-mid 2008 period. But since then as you probably haven't seen those levels again and I haven't either.

In early 2008 I started to again market to local companies as a general marketing consultant. I met with the same issues and frustrations I met with the years before; one of the reasons I started Title Marketing That Works. Also, I really do enjoy working with the people in the title industry.

I tried to get on the social media trend early. As a marketing practitioner and part-time college professor I need to stay current in my knowledge. For the last 3 years I have been spending a lot of time in this segment, both in my company's marketing and in seminars and coaching other companies.

I January I attended the Glazer-Kennedy Outrageous Marketing Workshop. While I left on Saturday night and missed Sunday's speakers, I did buy the audio cd's of the event. One of the first CD's I listened to from Sunday's presentations was Mike Koenigs, an expert in using video to improve your ranking on search engines with video. I listened to the CD about four times including sitting down and listening and taking notes. I signed up for Traffic Geyser, a tool you need in this process and watched all of the videos and learned everything I could. I've already worked with a couple of companies on this process and used it in my own businesses with good success.

With these two marketing tools in mind I created the New Media Doctor (I had the photos of me in the doctor coat taken at the Outrageous Marketing Workshop). This is one of my strategies to increase revenue for my company.

What are you doing to increase revenues? Have you expanded in the title market or gone into other businesses? Dan Kennedy says - "The riches are in the niches". Have you found your niche?

To learn more about Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, my two marketing mentors visit - www.freegiftfrom.com/cripley.

Any thoughts on my new business? I won't be done with the web site until tomorrow night (5/26) but I welcome you feedback on it.